rhinoplastyA rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to alter the shape of the nose. A septorhinoplasty is a procedure that also addresses the nasal septum (middle wall inside the nose) to improve nasal breathing. In Ontario, a septorhinoplasty can be an insured service if it is performed to improve nasal breathing, however, it requires a letter of permission be written to OHIP prior to the surgery. Any alteration of the nose for cosmetic purposes is not insured and the cost of the procedure falls on the patient. This cost includes the surgeon’s professional fee, the anesthetist’s fee, as well as the facility fee to cover the cost of anesthetic medications, nursing, supplies, and instrument processing. However, correcting your breathing AND making changes to the shape of your nose can be combined with a portion of the surgery covered by OHIP and a portion covered by the patient. If you have any desire to change the external appearance of your nose and do require surgery to improve your breathing, it is in your best interest to have both procedures done during the same surgery. This is because rhinoplasty techniques often require cartilage grafts that are harvested from the septum. If the septum is deficient in cartilage from previous surgery, a rhinoplasty surgeon may have to then rely on ear or rib cartilage.

When seeking out a rhinoplasty surgeon ask whether the stated fee includes all aspects of care, or if it is purely the surgeon’s fee. Professional fees vary widely between surgeons based on the surgeon’s overhead, waitlist, and training and paying more does not always guarantee a better surgical result.

It is also important to evaluate your surgeon’s understanding of nasal physiology. A rhinoplasty surgeon that that fails to examine and discuss your nasal airway during consultation, even if you only have pure cosmetic concerns, may not be your best choice. The many surgical maneuvers performed to refine a nose often have detrimental long-term effects on your nasal breathing by weakening it and leading to nasal airway collapse. The factor that separates average rhinoplasty results from excellent results is the durability of the changes achieved and the preservation of an unobstructed nasal airway. Many great rhinoplasty results are terrible results even just 3 years later as scar contracture causes nasal changes and airway collapse. These changes can be avoided by the proper use of structural nasal grafting with cartilage.

Dr. Brace has world-class training, skill and experience in rhinoplasty surgery and revision rhinoplasty. He uses the most up-to-date and cutting edge rhinoplasty techniques that incorporate structural cartilage grafting when appropriate. Whether your nose requires minor modifications or major reconstruction, Dr. Brace can help you achieve long lasting, natural looking, results with maintenance or even improvement in your nasal breathing. Dr. Brace is a nasal airway specialist that teaches rhinoplasty and nasal airway surgery to surgical residents. He has presented advanced surgical rhinoplasty techniques at national and international surgical meetings to fellow surgeons from around the world.

Book an appointment with Dr. Brace to discuss your specific nasal concerns and he can counsel you regarding how to achieve your goals and make them last.