Renew Your Skin: Chemical Peels

One of the key tools to non-surgically reduce fine lines, brown discolouration from sun damage, tighten eyelid skin and create a fresh rejuvenate glow, is a chemical peel at Guelph Facial Plastics. What are Chemical Peels? Chemical peels are unique and powerful, non-surgical skin care treatments used to improve the look of adverse skin conditions… Read more »

The Ear Gauge Fix | Facial Reconstructive Surgery | Guelph Facial Plastics

The Ear Gauge Fix

As a popular trend within the last five to ten years, ear stretching and ear gauges have become widespread throughout North America. However, like many trends or fads, people grow out of them and hope to reverse their effects. Our resident Otolaryngologist, Dr. Matthew Brace, can expertly restore the earlobe with ear gauge repair surgery.… Read more »