Eyelid Surgical ProceduresOur eyes are the focal point during face-to-face interactions, and changes with age can often lead to a tired appearance. This can be from loose skin, puffiness, fine wrinkles and deep shadows. A blepharoplasty is a surgery that tightens the eyelids and gives them a rejuvenated appearance. This can be combined with other techniques during the blepharoplasty to smoothen out puffiness and fill deep hollows called ‘tear troughs’.

There are a variety of blepharoplasty techniques and not every person is a good candidate for each type. In fact, a blepharoplasty can worsen the appearance of the eyes with rounding of the lower eyelid and hollowing of the upper eyelid if the appropriate technique is not used in the appropriate patient. Additionally, certain facial skeletal shapes are pre-disposed to dry eye complications after blepharoplasty.

Dr. Brace is skilled and experience with eyelid rejuvenation and can assess your eyelid concerns and counsel you regarding the safest and most effective treatment for your individual face. Not all eyelid changes require surgery and Dr. Brace can counsel you regarding these alternatives including hyaluronic acid fillers, fractionated CO2 laser tightening, chemical peels, and botulinum toxin.

Remember, not all fillers are the same and most will create a blue bruise-like shadow if injected under the lower eyelid. Book an appointment to discuss your specific eyelids concerns and Dr. Brace can counsel you on all of the appropriate options available for you.

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