A common cosmetic concern that occurs with age is the development of jowls, loose neck skin, fine lines around the mouth, deep smile lines (nasolabial folds) and hollowing under the eyes. This is the result of tissue descent in a ‘down and in’ direction that naturally occurs with aging. Some studies also demonstrate that the facial skeleton loses volume with age and that with loss of bone volume, facial support is diminished which further contributes to sagging of facial tissues.

Whether you are experiencing some or all of these changes, or are just starting to notice early changes, there are a variety of treatment options available. These range from no down-time injectables that can mask the changes that occur with age by softening lines, restoring volume and restoring skeletal support; to surgical procedures to reposition tissues, add back volume and shape and tighten the jawline.

Dr. Brace is a skilled facial plastic surgeon with extensive training and expertise in face and neck rejuvenation from minimally invasive injectables and fat transfers to comprehensive surgical facelift techniques. Surgical procedures that Dr. Brace offers are listed below. Book a consultation with Dr. Brace to discuss your specific concerns and he can provide you with a full detailed assessment and a treatment plan tailored to your goals.

Face Lift

face liftIn simple terms, a facelift procedure is a surgery that uses hidden incisions along the temporal hairline and ear to lift and reposition the facial tissues in a more youthful position. There are a variety of different facelift techniques but the most natural results are achieved by techniques that reposition the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) layer of the face in a vertical direction. This tissue layer is what connects the muscles of facial expression to the skin. It is also continuous with the platysma muscle in the neck. Repositioning this tissue layer puts all the pull and tension of the lift below the skin so that the face does not appear ‘wind swept’ or tight, the classic signs of a poorly performed facelift. Lifting in the SMAS plane also tightens the neck and jawline. A facelift surgery, when done properly and with skill, should be undetectable by friends and family. It should provide you with a more youthful and rested look, restore volume in the midface, soften or eliminate facial lines, give you definition around the jawline, and eliminate sagging skin in the neck below the chin. Sometimes a ‘weekend lift’ or minimally invasive facelift procedure is all that is required to tighten the jawline and neck skin. Dr. Brace is an experienced facelift surgeon knowledgeable in the most advanced, natural looking techniques. Book an appointment with Dr. Brace to discuss the facelift that is most appropriate for your concerns and anatomy.

Neck Lift

neck liftA neck lift is a procedure that addresses sagging neck tissues alone. There are a variety of techniques used to address these concerns. Dr. Brace is experienced in ‘Weekend lifts’, Grecian Urn direct neck lifts, platysmaplasty, submental liposuction, and non-surgical options. Book an appointment to discuss your specific concern and Dr. Brace can counsel you on all available options.