A youthful, sensual lip is one that is full and balanced with a few millimeters of upper tooth show when the mouth is in repose. Dr. Brace offers two main procedures for lip enhancement. Kitchener and Milton residents are a quick drive away. One popular solution is to fill the lips with a hyaluronic acid filler. This result is temporary. The other solution is a lip lift procedure which affords a more permanent result. A consultation with Dr. Brace is the best way to determine which procedure is best for you.

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Lip Enhancement Kitchener


A lip lift is a powerful and natural procedure to enhance the upper lip aesthetic by creating a fuller and taller lip while increasing upper tooth show as necessary. It is a wonderful solution to correct lips that have been overfilled for years.


When the skin between the nose and the upper lip is excessively long it gives an aged appearance to the lower face.  Candidates for an upper lip lift are women who have a small upper lip, a long philtrum (skin between the nose and lip), asymmetry of the upper lip, a heavy upper lip from excess lip filler, severely wrinkled upper lip skin, minimal to no upper tooth show, and those seeking facial feminization.

Rarely men also seek this surgery to correct lip asymmetry or an elongated philtrum.


As a facial plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Brace approaches each lip lift with care and forethought to the functional and aesthetic role of the lip. There are no cookie cutter lip lifts and his results are natural and beautiful. He employs masterful surgical technique in designing and closing the incision and the best in class laser technologies to care for the resulting scar. As the only cosmetic surgical procedure that places an incision in the center of the face, his commitment to flawless healing and perfect incisions ensures the best lip lift results.


During a consultation Dr. Brace will discuss your concerns and determine your candidacy for a lip lift. Your lips will be photographed and measured for documentation. Dr. Brace will then recommend a treatment plan to give you the best lip lift result.

Lip Enhancement Guelph


Lip lifts are frequently done as a stand-alone procedure under local anesthetic. However, they can be incorporated into a larger facial rejuvenation procedure in the OR under general anesthetic. 

On the day of the procedure Dr. Brace will measure your upper lip and make markings under your nose where the nasal skin meet the upper lip skin. Dr. Brace will then inject the upper lip with local anesthetic. This will create a heavy and numb sensation to the lip and often the tip of the nose.  The incision is made once you are numb and a strip of skin is removed. 

Depending on the goals of the procedure there will be a varying degree of skin elevation down toward the lip. Dissolvable strong sutures are then placed under the skin to elevate the lip and close the incision. Some sutures are passed just inside the nose to anchor the lift. Tiny blue stitches are then placed in the skin. The procedure takes 30-45 minutes. Ointment is applied. Antibiotics and pain medication are provided. If you wish to learn more, contact us today and schedule a consultation to receive a lip enhancement. Milton and Kitchener residents are a short 30 minute drive to our office in Guelph.

Before & After


Day 0 your upper lip will be numb for a few hours and feel heavy. Bruises and swelling will start to form on the upper lip. Mild to moderate discomfort with speaking and eating is normal. Ice application is started.

Day 1-5 Bruises and swelling peak. Incision line cleaned gently. Ice applied. Lip feels week and does not function well.

Day 6/7 Follow up with Dr. Brace. Sutures removed. Incision examined and is red and obvious. Lip is swollen and weak with difficulty pursing, drinking from a straw, and pronouncing certain sounds.

1 month Follow up with Dr. Brace. Incision is red. Swelling is significantly reduced. Lip still feels weak. Pulse dye laser treatment to incision. Injection of anti-inflammatory medicine into scar. 

2 months Follow up with Dr. Brace. Incision dark pink to pink. Pulse dye laser treatment of scar. Lip still feels weak but is improving. Swelling nearing resolution. Scar injected again.

3 months Follow up with Dr. Brace. Incision pink/light pink. Lip regaining proper mobility and strength. Swelling essentially resolved. CO2 laser or pulse dye laser treatment of scar as necessary. Photographs taken.

6 months Follow up with Dr. Brace. Incision light pink to white. Pulse dye laser if necessary. Photographs.

1 year Follow up with Dr. Brace. Scar fully matured and faded. Final photographs taken.

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