Is hairline lowering right for me?

Forehead or hairline lowering can be ideal for individuals who are self-conscious about a disproportionately high hairline or a prominent forehead. These concerns may reflect genetic factors, aging, or a receding hairline, with an impact on self-confidence. Candidates for the procedure include:

  • Those who have a higher or receding hairline
  • Individuals with a stable and healthy medical condition who are safe to undergo a surgical procedure
  • Those who feel the forehead is too prominent
  • Non-smokers or those who are willing to quit smoking before and after the surgery
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Why choose Guelph Facial Plastics?

Dr. Matthew D. Brace is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon recognized for his expertise in performing customized facial procedures. His state-of-the-art clinic is second to none, with every procedure performed with a commitment to excellence, patient-centered care, and adherence to the highest medical standards. Patients will find a welcoming and professional environment where their concerns are heard and understood. Dr. Brace believes in empowering his patients with knowledge, ensuring they understand the procedure’s benefits, risks, and expected outcomes. Patient health and safety are primary concerns, and rigorous pre-operative assessments are performed to ensure the surgery is appropriate for the patient.

Forehead / Hairline Lowering Before & After

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About Dr. Matthew D. Brace at Guelph Facial Plastics

Dr. Matthew D. Brace is an accomplished facial surgeon with a remarkable journey of achievements and accolades that have cemented his position as a leading expert in the field. After years of training, he completed his Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery residency, demonstrating exceptional skills, earning the Head and Neck Oncology Award and the Resident Teacher Award. Driven by a passion for excellence, he achieved certification in this specialty.

He then completed a prestigious fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Brace’s unwavering commitment to excellence was evident when he achieved the highest mark in the written and oral exams, earning him the prestigious Jack Anderson Award at the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Annual Meeting in Nashville.

With his exceptional qualifications and passion for continuous learning, Dr. Matthew D. Brace brings an unparalleled level of expertise and artistry to Guelph Facial Plastics, where he continues to make a transformative impact on the lives of his patients, delivering natural and harmonious facial enhancements that restore beauty and confidence.

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What is the procedure?

Prior to surgery, patients at Guelph Facial Plastics receive a comprehensive private consultation with Dr. Brace, in which their medical history, expectations, and desired outcomes are discussed in detail. Dr. Brace thoroughly examines the facial features, hairline, and scalp to determine the most appropriate surgical approach to achieve the desired results.

Before placing a hairline incision (pretrichial), the forehead is numbed using a local anesthetic. The incision preserves the hair follicles while shortening the forehead. Dr. Brace then skillfully performs the hairline advancement with precision surgical techniques, precisely adjusting the hairline for a natural-looking, balanced outcome.

Recovery and results

Dr. Brace provides detailed aftercare instructions to promote optimal healing and minimize recovery time. As the healing process progresses, patients will witness the transformative results of their hairline lowering procedure. While individual recovery experiences vary, expect to experience mild bruising and swelling around the forehead and hairline areas. The minor nuisance of downtime should be anticipated, with social downtime lasting approximately one to two weeks. During this period, prescribed medications and cold compresses are used to manage discomfort. Dr. Brace welcomes patients from Kitchener, Guelph, Milton, and beyond who seek elegant, natural-looking outcomes in forehead and hairline lowering.

A commitment to excellence: Dr. Matthew D. Brace at Guelph Facial Plastics

Forehead or hairline lowering at Guelph Facial Plastics can be a transformational procedure expertly performed by Dr. Matthew D. Brace. Driven by a commitment to excellence and a conservative approach, Dr. Brace focuses on creating natural-looking results tailored to the facial features and the patient’s aesthetic desires.

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Dr. Brace Discusses Forehead Reduction

Click the play button to hear more about forehead reduction from Dr. Brace.

Dr. Brace performing injections to patient's forehead

Learn More

Hairline-lowering plastic surgery can help you achieve a more balanced facial appearance, boosting your self-confidence if you’re self-conscious about your high forehead. Dr. Brace has created a YouTube video on the topic, where you can learn more about the procedure. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe while you’re there!

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