Globally, acne is one of the most common and bothersome skin conditionsover 20 percent of Canada’s population is affected alone. Most acne sufferers experience the condition during their teens and early 20’s. However many are left with noticeable scarring for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, Guelph Facial Plastics has a solution.

Living with acne scarring does not have to be a lifetime contract. Under the medical supervision of top cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgeon, Dr. Matthew Brace, those suffering with acne scarring finally have an effective and permanent solution.

CO2RE: Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing  

At Guelph Facial Plastics we utilize the advanced, clearing power of the CO2RE laser to rejuvenate the skin and create a smoother, clearer complexion. This versatile laser treatment uses fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) laser resurfacing to treat the superficial and deep dermal layers of skin with precise, fractionated beam patterns. Compared to traditional ablation treatments, CO2RE is much lighter, faster and offers more skin resurfacing versatility. With six different treatment modes available, CO2RE is the gold standard of current laser technology. With incomparable skin rejuvenation abilities, CO2RE is extremely effective in the treatment of:

  • Reduction of acne scars
  • CO2 resurfacing
  • Fractional resurfacing
  • Keloid scar treatments
  • Wrinkle and pigmentation reduction

How does CO2RE treat acne scars?

Acne scars are a direct result of deep skin trauma caused by acne. Even the smallest acne lesions can result in scarring. Caused primarily by external factors, such as picking of the skin, acne scars refer to the areas of pitted or raised skin leftover from a breakout. Unlike other common forms of post-acne effects, such as hyperpigmentation, acne scarring changes the physical texture of skin and often does not improve over time.

CO2RE offers both remodeling of bodily tissue through both the epidermal and dermal layers of skin, to achieve total facial rejuvenation. Utilizing CO2 energy, CO2RE works by gently removing the outer layers of textured skin to reveal the smoother, more even skin tone underneath. Although there are other forms of skin rejuvenation on today’s market, such as light therapy lasers, CO2RE is proficient in correcting the most pronounced texture irregularities and providing deep level skin resurfacing.

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What can I expect with CO2RE?

Before treatment begins, a topical anesthetic is applied to the treated area to help calm any mild discomfort. Once the area has successfully numbed. The laser head will target the affected areas for a few seconds each before moving to a new spot. After the procedure is finished, the skin will be red and sensitive, with a sensation similar to a sunburn. After a few hours this will calm; however, dead skin will continue to shed and peel off throughout the next few days requiring topical skin care with ointment until it heals. Once the skin’s natural exfoliation process is complete, the healthy, new and even skin underneath will be revealed. In as little as one treatment, patients can achieve a completely leveled and smooth complexion.

To learn more about CO2RE resurfacing and how it can help your acne scarring, book your consultation with Dr. Brace today.

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