Collagen always seems to be a leading, beauty buzzword. As a key ingredient to youthful skin, Dr. Brace often recommends collagen-stimulating products and treatments to his clients.

What is Collagen?

The word collagen comes from the Greek kolla (glue) and gennao (I produce) which actually does a really nice job of explaining what it is. Making up approximately one third of the protein in your body, collagen is hard, fibrous and insoluble. Collagen can be found throughout the body but particularly in the bones and connective tissue. Endogenous collagen is natural and Exogenous collagen is synthetic.

Why is Collagen so important in the skin?

Collagen in the dermis (or middle layer) of the skin builds a fibrous network on which new cells can form. Collagen is the key to keeping the skin youthful and blemish free.

Why do we lose Collagen over time?

Hormones mostly. Although collagen production decreases with age among both men and women, it dramatically decreases post-menopause. After the age of 20, our collagen production decreases as much as one percent per year.

SkinMedica Retinol Complex

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How can we get Collagen back?

SkinMedica Retinol Complex 0.5 is one of our favourite topical solutions for increasing collagen production. With skin cells replenishing themselves at a healthy rate, skin tone and texture will improve while fine lines and wrinkles diminish. For more information on this product or to shop the entire SkinMedica line, visit Guelph Facial Plastics for your skin care consultation.

C02 Skin Resurfacing for Collagen production!

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C02 Skin Resurfacing treatments with Syneron Candela’s advanced technology stimulate healthy collagen production through laser energy. By targeting only a fraction of your skin cells, the untouched cells act as bridges for faster healing and less downtime. Although this is the ultimate treatment for aging skin concerns such as wrinkles and fine lines, this treatment is also very successful targeting acne scars and other blemishes.

Every patients’ C02 Skin Resurfacing treatment is customized to address their specific concerns. During your consultation, Dr. Brace will determine the best settings for optimal satisfaction and visible results for years to come.

To learn more about collagen and how it can improve your current skin care regime, book your consultation with Dr. Brace today.

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