What is a lip lift?

A lip lift is a simple surgical procedure to elevate the upper lip to a more youthful-looking position, allowing for more of the pink portion of the lip to show. With the aging process, the upper lip begins to droop, increasing the length of the philtrum. Beauty experts suggest that the ideal distance between the upper lip and the nose is no more than half an inch.

Patients struggling with this concern often resort to using fillers in order to enhance their smile, but this only makes the top lip heavier, exasperating the issue. A lip lift helps to create a more beautiful, inviting appearance and can be performed on its own or in tandem with a facelift or neck lift.

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Dr. Matthew D. Brace – A masterful approach to facial cosmetic procedures

Known for his artistry, precision, and meticulous attention to detail, Dr. Brace is a double-board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has dedicated his career to procedures for the face and neck. He performs dozens of lip-related procedures every year, having honed his expertise in this delicate facial region. 

Dr. Brace insists on curating a customized treatment plan for each patient that will accomplish their unique aesthetic goals and restore their confidence and well-being. Committed to flawless incisions and natural-looking outcomes, Dr. Brace often combines lip lift surgeries with laser therapy to ensure scarring is inconspicuous. 

Who is a candidate for a Hamilton lip lift?

When the philtrum becomes elongated and the upper lip begins to droop, it can lead to an aged appearance, interfering with a healthy and positive self-image. Ideal candidates for a lip lift may have tried fillers in the past but found that injectables only make their upper lips even heavier. They may be unhappy with lip asymmetry, limited tooth show, and wrinkled upper lip skin. A lip lift is often a component of a facial feminization procedure. 

As with any cosmetic surgery, patients should be healthy non-smokers who are not currently dealing with any serious medical concerns and who have realistic expectations for their results based on a private consultation with Dr. Brace and his compassionate, knowledgeable team.

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What will the procedure entail?

A lip lift is usually performed using local anesthesia. If it is undergone in combination with other facial procedures, then general anesthesia will be used. On the day of your appointment, Dr. Brace will create surgical markings along the philtrum as indicated in your personalized treatment plan. He will then remove a small strip of skin in order to shorten the length of the philtrum, allowing for a more sensual smile with ample tooth show and a fuller upper lip. Finally, Dr. Brace will place dissolvable sutures under the skin to close the incision. The total procedure time is typically 30-45 minutes. 

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What can I expect from the recovery process?

Immediately after your lip lift

Your upper lip will feel numb and heavy for the first few hours. Light bruising and swelling may occur and speaking and eating may cause soreness. Ice can be applied to help reduce discomfort.

Days 1-5 post-op

Swelling and bruising will peak and then subside. The upper lip may feel weak and function poorly. The incision line will appear clean. You can continue to use ice to ease any pain.

Days 6 and 7 post-op

Dr. Brace will remove any non-dissolvable sutures during your follow-up visit, checking your incision to ensure your healing is on track. The scar may look red and pronounced at this stage. It may still be difficult to purse the lips or use a straw.

30 days post-op

While the incision is still pink, swelling will have died down considerably. Dr. Brace may use pulsed dye laser therapy and anti-inflammatory injections at this stage to minimize scarring.

60 days post-op

The incision continues to fade. Upper lip function is improving. Swelling is almost completely resolved.

90 days post-op

At this point, the upper lip has regained its strength and function and swelling is virtually undetectable. Scars can continue to be minimized through CO2 and pulsed dye laser therapy.

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Lip augmentation using dermal fillers

Instead of or in addition to a lip lift, Dr. Brace can enhance lip volume using innovative lip fillers made with hyaluronic acid. HA is a biocompatible compound found naturally in the human body. It binds to water molecules, hydrating the skin from within. With the aging process, hyaluronic acid reserves are slowly depleted, necessitating an aesthetic intervention. Fillers not only make the lips look fuller but can also improve lip line definition, lip color, smoothness, and texture. Results usually last 6-18 months.

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Why choose Guelph Facial Plastics for a lip lift in Hamilton?

Dr. Brace, a double-board-certified beauty expert, elevates lip lift surgery to an art form, delivering elegant, natural-looking changes. Dr. Brace’s career has been devoted to facial procedures, including state-of-the-art treatments for the lips. He spent a year training at Ohio State University, mastering the application of injectables as a component of his elite Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowship. Today, Dr. Brace’s exhaustive training and innate eye for detail inform his advanced technical skills as he produces exquisite and balanced cosmetic results for his patients in and beyond Hamilton, Ontario.

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